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Adam Clark

Stainless Steel Rectangle Buffet Food Warmer Server Chafing Dish

Stainless Steel Rectangle Buffet Food Warmer Server Chafing Dish

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Convenient & User Friendly: the Fuel Holders Ensure That Your Dishes Maintain a Consistent Temperature with Even Heat Distribution. These Two Fuel Holders Slip into the Base of the Chafer Stand for Effortless Placement, Keeping Hands, Clothes, and Other Flammable Contents at a Safe Distance from the Flame to Ensure the Safety of Guests and Employees. High Stability: the Chafer Is Equipped with Four Strong Legs, Which Can Better Maintain Stability, Avoid Rollover, and Reduce Scald, so You Can Use It with Confidence. Space Saving: the Product Adopts a Stackable Design, and the Frame Can Be Folded down, Making the Product Easy to Transport. This Also Means less Space Will Be Occupied. Simple Installation: the Product Does Not Need to Be Perforated. You Just Need to Open the Frame and Put the Water Pan and Food Pan on It Without Redundant Steps, Saving You Time. Easy to Clean: the Product Adopts a Split Design with a Smooth Surface and a Proper Size of 22.83*13.78*11.02inch, so You Can Directly Wash It with Dishwashing Liquid or Put It in the Dishwasher After Use, Which Is Conducive to Maintaining the Cleanness of the Product and Extending Its Service Life. Large Capacity: a Food Pan with a Capacity of 9l/9.51qt and Two 1/2 Pans with an Overall Capacity of 8.5l/8.98qt Are Provided, Allowing You to Serve Enough Food at One Time, Which Is Excellent for the Cafeteria, Parties, and Events. Protective Lid: the Lid Can Prevent Dust from Entering the Food, and at the Same Time, It Can Ensure That the Food Stays Warm and Tastes More Delicious. Convenient Handle: the Lid and the Two Sides of the Product Are Respectively Equipped with a Handle. the Former Can Facilitate You to Pick up the Lid, and the Latter Can Facilitate You to Move the Product. Powerful Function: the Frame of Food Warmers Includes a Bottom Tray Which Supports 2 Fuel Holders to Store Fuels for Heating Food. in Addition to Heating Food with Fuel, You Can Also Put Ice in the Water Pan to Cool Food and Keep Food Fresh.

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